1What is the Induction lamp system and how does induction lighting work?
The induction lamp system uses a revolutionary technology of light generation that combines the basic principles of induction and gas discharge. Induction lamps basically employ electromagnets wrapped around a part of the tube. In these lamps, high frequency energy, from the electronic ballast, is sent through wires, which are wrapped in a coil around a ferrite inductor on the outside of the glass tube. No internal electrodes are employed. Being electrode-less this new technology delivers an unprecedented 100,000 hours of high quality light.
2What are the components of the system?
The system is comprised of three components; the generator (electronic HF ballast), the power coupler (output inductor, wire and ferrite assembly) and lamp. The power coupler transfers energy from the HF generator to discharge the gas inside the glass tube to illuminate.
3Why Induction Lighting?

In other conventional gas discharge lamps, the filaments are the part with the shortest life, limiting the lamp lifespan severely. Since an induction lamp has no filaments, it can have a very long service life. Operational and maintenance costs are significantly low with induction lighting systems due to their average 100,000 hour life cycle.


  • Long lifespan due to the lack of electrodes-100,000 hours.
  • Very high energy conversion efficiency of between 130-150 Pupil Lumens/Watt.
  • High power factor due to the low loss of the high frequency electronic ballasts which are typically more than 98% efficient.
  • Minimal Lumen depreciation (declining light output with age) compared to other lamp types as filament evaporation and depletion is absent.
  • "Instant-on" and "hot re-strike", unlike most conventional lamps used in commercial/industrial lighting applications (such as Mercury-vapour lamp, Sodium-vapour lamp and Metal Halide lamp).
  • Environment friendly, as induction lamps use solid mercury and consume less energy per hour of operation than conventional lighting due to their long lifespan. The mercury is in solid form and can be easily recovered if the lamp is broken, or for recycling at end-of-life.
  • The long life and low power consumption per lumen makes the KAREE MAGNETO-INDUCTION lamps the least expensive and greenest light source on the planet, in the long run.
4Do induction lamps need a dedicated fixture?
Yes. Due to operating and thermal requirements the system needs to be properly installed in a suitable fixture.
5Will the induction lighting system interfere with computers, telecommunication equipment or any other electronic device?
No. It runs at a low output frequency of 230 KHz and will not interfere with computers or cellular/mobile phones, or any other standard communication devices.
6Is the light output of an induction lamp affected by low temperatures or high temperatures?
The lamps amalgam fill technology and the heat dissipation sinks on the Ferrite cores create stable light output over a wide range of ambient temperatures, maintaining at least 85% of normal lumens within -20°C to 60°C.
7Is the Induction lamps system vibration-resistant?
Yes. The fact that KAREE MAGNETO-INDUCTION lamps have no filaments, make them more reliable in high-vibration and windy applications. The induction lamp system has proven its durability in tough lighting environments such as bridges, tunnels, signage and roadway applications.
8What, if any, is the effect of voltage supply fluctuations on the performance of the induction system?
Due, to the built-in active PFC in the HF generator, which provides a well stabilized internal supply voltage to the HF generator, the light output, consumed power and system efficacy (efficiency) of lamp system vary by less than 2% as a result of mains voltage fluctuations. There is no noticeable effect (visual or measurable) on the colour performance (colour temperature, colour rendering index, etc.) due to supply voltage fluctuation.
9At the end of life, must all components be replaced?
All three components are separately replaceable; however KAREE MAGNETO-INDUCTION LIGHT is mostly supplied as a three-component system.
10How far can the HF generator be remotely mounted from the power coupler/discharge vessel assembly?
The length of the coaxial cable connecting them can be a maximum of 8". Because the cable forms part of the oscillating circuit of the HF generator, the length of the cable cannot be modified.
11Why would I pay more for KAREE induction lighting technology?
KAREE MAGNETO-INDUCTION lighting systems offer five to twenty times the life of HID and fluorescent lighting systems for only twice or thrice their cost. The KAREE Induction lights consume 80% less power than conventional light bulbs. The long life and low power consumption per lumen makes the KAREE MAGNETO-INDUCTION lamps the least expensive and greenest light source on the planet, in the long run.
12What's new with Karee Induction Lighting?
KAREE MAGNETO-INDUCTION Lamps offer inbuilt low-voltage, high voltage 'no-strike' protection and open load ballast protection features. A wide operating line voltage range: 90-270VAC, and 'no-strike' feature below 140VAC, and above 270VAC. Our lamps feature the smallest ballast footprint in the industry, making it a better candidate in retrofit fixtures.