About Us

It is our pleasure to introduce ourselves as the manufacturers of a revolutionary new technology Electrode-Less Magneto Energy Saving Lights, viz. “INDUCTION LAMPS” which are beyond LED, the latest technology in the world and are the  ‘LIGHTS OF FUTURE’.
Karee Induction Lamps are without any filament, are eco-friendly, have zero maintenance, and have a  life span of over 25 years (calculated at 10 hours/day) or 1 lakh burning hours. These lamps have a considerable saving between 50 to 80% in energy and maintenance costs plus many more advantages
The Light quality, clarity, visibility, color rendering index and throw of these induction lamps is excellent, these lamps have instant strike and re-strike, have a power factor over 0.98, very low power consumption, negligible heat generation and have double the life as compared to LED.
These Lights are cheaper in cost than LED and the ‘Pay Back Period’ vis-à-vis MH/SV is less than 10 months, with a substantial warranty, your investment becomes Risk Free thereby increasing the profitability and productivity of the consumers for years to come. The Pay Back period, Savings calculation chart and replacement chart are given in the catalogue.
Our product range consists of High Bay luminaires, Indoor luminaires, Flood luminaries, Street luminaires, etc., and are extremely suitable for all applications such as Streets, Stadiums, Factories, Plants, Warehouses, Shopping Malls, and Showrooms etc.
We have a team of Qualified Electronic Engineers, In-House Testing Facilities, R&D Lab and our products have been tested by ‘ERDA’ accredited by NABL (Govt. of India). We shall now therefore, request you to kindly enroll us for all your lighting requirements and advice your associates about this ‘FIX IT, FORGET IT’ LIGHTS.